Cooling Systems

Phoenix Car Cooling Systems Repair & Service

Your vehicle’s cooling system is probably the most vital part of your car, especially in the intense heat of a Phoenix summer. If you need your cooling system repaired or serviced, turn the mechanics in Phoenix you can trust. We know mechanics in Phoenix AZ are everywhere and that finding the best person for the job can be the hardest part. One of the thing that seperates our mechanics in Phoenix from other Phoenix mechanics is our experience in all facets of auto repair and maintenance.

We understand how important every single piece of your vehicle is and have experience repairing, rebuilding, and improving every piece especially cooling systems. Be the issues radiators or fixing coolant lines we our mechanics know how to correct any issues affecting your vehicle.

•Cooling System Pressure Tests​
•Water Pump​
•Fan Clutch​
•Freeze Plugs​
•Cooling System Flush​
•Coolant Exchange Service​
•Electrical Cooling Fan & Motor Assemblies​
•Cooling System Hoses