Brake Repair

Brake Repair & Axle Services

The only thing more annoying than squeeky brakes is brakes that don’t work. The truth is there are many stages of brake degredation and no matter which stage you are at, we off brake service Phoenix can be proud of. If your brakes are squeeking, grinding, or worse, siezed up: we can help. Braking systems can be complex and while you may think it is easier to chang them yourselves, often times the project becomes bigger and more complex than you would expect. That is why having a good auto mechanic to professionally help you with your brake service.

Brake shops in Phoenix AZ are everywhere, so the question is: Which one should I use? While there are many factos that come into play when finding a brake mechanic who can help you diagnose, repair, or replace your damaged vehicle is an important step. That is why understanding their history, training, and work ethic is important. The biggest concern most people have is simple and completely understandable: How much is this going to cost? No one wants to be taken by a mechanic, so we pride ourselves on offering the very best brake service Phoenix could ask for and all at reasonable prices. If you want to know what it will cost to get your brakes repaired, call us today: 1.602.754.7746

•Brake Replacement​
•Brake Calipers & Wheel Cylinders​
•Master Cylinder & Brake Bleeding​
•Power Brake Boosters​
•ABS Diagnosis & Repair​
•Brake Fluid Flushing​
•Emergency Brake Repairs​
•Rotor & Drum Machining & Replacement​
•Wheel Bearing Replacement & Repack​
•Front & Rear CV Axle Service & Boot Replacement​
•Differential Repairs​
•Drive-Shaft Service​
•Universal Joints​
•Tire Rotation Service