Battery Alternator Repair

Phoenix Battery & Alternator Repair

We have all been in that horrible situation where a car just won’t start. Whether your alternator has gone out, or your battery is dead, the entire situation is painful. If you find yourself in this nightmare of a situation, turn to the Phoenix mechanics you can trust. With our extensive history of auto repair in all aspects (especially battery and alternator repair), our auto mechanics in Phoenix AZ know just how to help you.

Don’t suffer with jumper cables and lost time, work with our team of Phoenix mechanics to get your car repaired and ready to go. If you need your battery replaced, an alternator repaired, or even a more complex reworking of your electrical systems, we can help. Call us today, and never worry about being stranded again: 602.754.7746.

•Battery Service & Replacement​
•Electrical System Testing​
•Alternator Replacement​
•Switches & Cables